Ningbo First-rate Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of office and home use state-of-art electrical connections. We specialize in developing and producing multi-function socket, remote control socket, surge protector, wall socket & switch, adaptors and cable reel. Established in 2000, we have a strong team of production, R&D, QA, sales and customer services people.

We are committed to make continuous improvement. Since 2009 we have strengthened our engineering competence and compliance with Hazardous Substance requirements. We follow multi-level testing procedure using sophisticated testing equipments to ensure product quality meets customer requirements.

Abrasion Test Apparatus for Insulation on Insulated Pin Plugs Resistance Inductance Load Box Color Assessment Carbinet Pull - Push Tester Aging Tester
Switch and Socket-Outlet Life Testing Machine Glow-Wire Testing Instrument Ball Pressure Apparatus Abrupt Pull Tester LCZ meter
Plug and Terminal Temperature-Rise Tester Insulation Resistance Tester Electric Strength Tester Salt Spray Tester Plug Bending Tester
Programmable Temperature & Humidity TE Plug Tumbling Barrel Tester